Customer engagement and experience strategy  unpicked by Peter Hardingham

Are your customers engaged?

If you don't know, you're already losing them .....

Peter hardingham

I've been involved in eCRM, communications planning and data strategy for global brands such as Adobe, Betfair, BMW Group, Fidelity, Mercedes-Benz, and Santander (amongst many others) across agency, data, comms planning and consultancy roles.


I'll  demonstrate how to capitalise on customer engagement opportunities you have in your organisation - even if in some cases you don't know they are there.

A 360° customer view is unachievable despite the claims being made around 'Big Data', the ability to track attitudinal and behavioural loyalty or the future represented by experts in neuromarketing.


Customers are only occasionally exposed to our brands and products at times we've chosen.   Some of the most important triggerpoints and stimulation of need, desire, and aspiration occur outside our control or knowledge.


For example...seeing a new car on the road will greatly influence discussions and thoughts about what you'd like your next car to be.  The aroma from a glass of wine or emotions stirred by a piece of music may stimulate memories which lead to booking a concert ticket or a restaurant to recapture them.


So what will make the difference in your marketing?  The building of customer engagement and brand preference via optimised conversion to purchase i.e. making it easier for customers to buy from you.


It is an extraordinary fact that a lot of this can be achieved by asking your visitors and customers how you could make their experience better - they'll tell you!


I run optimisation research and sales conversion programmes for many companies.  This creates actionable insights from voice of visitor studies of your customers, overlaid with customer service improvement techniques and and understanding of the psychology of persuasion.  It always provides eye-opening results, and delivers a roadmap to incremental sales and higher customer satisfaction.


What do you need to be prepared to contribute?  We'll collaborate on creating relevant new content, timely messaging and dialogue with customers across multiple channels and opportunities to engage with your brand, products or services - and always, always measuring and optimising.


So how do you do this and integrate it into your marketing strategies & communication planning?  Ask me and I'll tell you how......


Send me a question for some commonsense advice on customer engagement and optimised purchase conversion

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